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"We continuously and proactively scan the market for today and tomorrow's outstanding
HR talent and follow them throughout their career."

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Being a specialized HR Recruitment & Executive Search Firm, we focus on creating high added value for our clients through specialization and an in-depth knowledge within the field of HR, a Talent Scouting Approach and a Passion for helping people in their career development

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Whether you are looking for concrete opportunities to further develop your career in HR or whether you would like to have a more general discussion in order to plan for your long term career development, please do get in touch with us. As part of our Talent Scouting approach, we want to get to know you.

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What we do

Camario is a specialized HR Search Firm focused on the recruitment of HR professionals for its clients. Over the last few years Camario has developed and built relationships with a number of Fortune 500 organizations. Our clients and candidates appreciate our specialization within the field of HR, our Talent Scouting methodology, and our results-driven approach.

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