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The Roles we recruit?

  • HR Leadership
  • HR Business Partners
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Acquisition & Recruitment
  • Mobility & Inclusion
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Leader of HR Shared Services
  • Organisation & Development
  • Employee relations
  • HR Information Systems
  • Payroll & Social Legislation
  • Change Management & Transformation
  • Learning & Development
  • HR Projects


  1. Talent Scouting

    We have a deep belief in the benefits of Talent Scouting for both our clients and our candidates. We continuously and proactively focus on mapping the different talent pools across the different HR fields. This approach makes our search/recruitment delivery process more relevant and more efficient.

  2. Briefing

    This is a crucial step of the process and therefore we spend significant time with our clients in order to get an in-depth understanding of the organization, the culture, the role and the challenges. Together with our clients, we develop HR specific competencies for the profile sought after. We spend significant time with different stakeholders in order to get a thorough understanding of the culture of the organization.

  3. Sourcing Strategy

    Based on our briefing and the maturity of the HR function, we develop a tailor made Sourcing Strategy. This mostly consists of developing a list of target companies – organizations in which we will be able to identify candidates in line with the requirements and HR specific competencies and HR mindset sought after. Following our approach, the main channels used across most of our search projects are our extensive network and our developed Talent Pools. Where needed we focus on Direct Search activities.

  4. Identification

    The combination of a systematic and qualitative search process together with our Talent Scouting approach makes this step of the process and the corresponding outcome most relevant and more efficient.

  5. Interviewing

    Every candidate presented will be interviewed in depth for the role. We make use of HR specific competency based interviewing techniques. Following our knowledge and specialization in HR, we are able to capture and understand the specific HR experience gained by each candidate. During our candidate meetings, we will spend significant time on getting to know our candidates as a person, besides understanding their HR related experience. We believe that the future success for each hiring will be highly dependent on the cultural fit between the firm and the candidate. Before presentation, we take in depth references for every candidate presented.

  6. Shortlist presentation

    We provide you with a detailed confidential report for every candidate presented – describing the motivation of every candidate, the 5 main reasons why we believe this is a strong candidate for the role, an analysis of the main competencies, the areas that would need further probing, a summary of the different references, financial expectations,...

  7. Client interviews

    Before entering this stage of the process, we organize a debrief call/meeting in order to discuss the candidates presented. For each candidate, we provide you with areas that would need further probing and if wanted also the questions to analyze these specific areas. We will work closely with you in order to facilitate the further interview process as much as possible. During this process, our aim is to keep the candidates engaged and to provide a thorough two-way feedback at every step.

  8. Offer

    This is a crucial stage in the search process. We often refer to this step as the landing phase… We are convinced that staying in very close and continuous contact during this phase of the process to make sure that we will make a successful landing, would be highly valuable.

  9. Induction follow up

    Following the appointment, we remain in regular and close contact with yourself and the hired candidate to ensure that the integration process runs as smoothly as possible. As our goal is to develop long term relationships, we also keep continuous contact post induction phase.

Some of our last projects

  • Head of HR Shared Services for leading financial services institution, covering 9.000 employees

  • Head of HR Benelux for a Fortune 150 company, covering a headcount of over 1.000 employees

  • HR Business Partner Benelux for a leading FMCG group, multisite senior position

  • Corporate Executive Recruiter for a Fortune 100 fast growing global e-commerce company

  • HR Intelligence Analyst, newly created technical function, direct search for a market scarce skillset

  • HR Manager Belux for Fortune Global 500 healthcare organisation

  • Compensation & Benefits Manager Benelux for a leading industrial company

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What we do

Camario is a specialized HR Search Firm focused on the recruitment of HR professionals for its clients. Over the last few years Camario has developed and built relationships with a number of Fortune 500 organizations. Our clients and candidates appreciate our specialization within the field of HR, our Talent Scouting methodology, and our results-driven approach.

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