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Whether you are looking for concrete opportunities to further develop your career in HR or whether you would like to have a more general discussion, please do get in touch with us. We want to get to know you and what is driving your career development.


  1. Introduction

    This stage is about introducing ourselves to each other. The essence for us is to understand what is important for you, what your goals are and how we can help you in your career development. We would like you to take back from this: a good view on the current HR market, a clear understanding of what the best future options would be, the maximum information (whatever the nature) to help you in your search or further career development.

  2. Follow-up

    With the extensive contacts we have on a daily basis, we can give you the pulse of what is going on within the HR market and coach you in your search. If you are looking for a career move in the short term: we recommend you to reconnect with us at least every 4-5 weeks. In the long term: we recommend you to reconnect with us at least every 3-6 months. We would like you to take back from this: a view on how things are evolving within the HR market, thoughts and ideas on how to improve your visibility during this period.

  3. An Opportunity

    Our goal is to provide you with extensive details about the potential opportunity and the client’s organization. The strategy, the purpose of the role, the context the organization finds itself in and how you can contribute to this. For this stage of mutual information exchange, we sit down together to discuss this in full confidence. Throughout our discussions, we will spend significant time on getting to know you as a person, besides understanding your HR related experience. We believe that your future success within any organization will be highly dependent on the cultural fit between yourself and the firm. Therefore we will spend significant time on this aspect during the "get to know you stage".

  4. Analysis

    This is a period where we will be gathering final information in order to be able to accurately represent you to our client's company. At this stage of the process, we would also appreciate a strong cooperation in order to present 2-3 references to the client’s organization. We believe in the act of taking references at this stage of the process, as we will get to know you better and this will allow us to represent you in the most effective way and going forward - to present you with more relevant opportunities as time passes. As this phase may take some time we highly value continuous communication in order to share the most up-to-date information about the progress of the assignment.

  5. Meet the company I

    Let us introduce you to... your potential next employer... a potential space of fulfillment and personnel development. We will coordinate the interviews and present you the people you will be meeting. Our focus will be to guide you through this process and make sure you bring out the best of who you are and what you can offer our client's company.

  6. Meet the company II

    Over the last years company selection processes have had the tendency to lengthen in steps and time. We will accompany you during this intense process, in order to be your compass throughout the different steps.

  7. Offer phase

    You are convinced this is the preferred next step to take and the client company decided that they would like you to join them. While you have convinced them that you are the right person, this is a crucial stage in the search process. We often refer to this step as the landing phase... We are convinced that we need to stay in very close contact during this phase of the process to make sure we will make a successful landing.

  8. Induction

    During the first months within your new role you will feel challenged and out of your comfort zone. While you want to impress and over perform, experience has shown us that - on average - it takes some months to have a good overview of the organization and what it will take to be successful. Throughout this integration phase, we will be present in order to support and accompany you. Afterwards, we will stay in regular contact in order to further develop a long term relationship.

Benefits of our Talent Scouting Approach

With Talent Scouting we mean that we are continuously and proactively focused on scanning the market for today and tomorrow’s outstanding HR talent. Over time we are focused on discovering and mapping the different talent pools within the numerous HR fields across the region and outside. This approach offers different advantages such as:

  • The relevancy of the opportunities proposed to you
  • You will benefit from deep and long lasting relationships with recruitment consultants that have been following you over time
  • Having had contacts at multiple occasions, we are better placed to represent you accurately in the market place

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Camario is a specialized HR Search Firm focused on the recruitment of HR professionals for its clients. Over the last few years Camario has developed and built relationships with a number of Fortune 500 organizations. Our clients and candidates appreciate our specialization within the field of HR, our Talent Scouting methodology, and our results-driven approach.

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