About us

Values / What is important to us

Giving Back

"Through our business, we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to combine our focus on business with a passion for social projects and personal values."


"Even though we continuously strive for excellence in delivery, we are well aware that we are far from perfect."


"We prefer doing the right thing because we truly believe it is RIGHT rather than doing the right thing because people are looking."


"It is our passion that is driving us to deliver true value to our clients, candidates and the community we live in."

What we do

Camario is a specialized HR Search Firm focused on the recruitment of HR professionals for its clients. Over the last few years Camario has developed and built relationships with a number of Fortune 500 organizations. Our clients and candidates appreciate our specialization within the field of HR, our Talent Scouting methodology, and our results-driven approach.

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